Applications :
(a) Semi-conductor Industry (b) Information Industry (c) Hospitals (d) Pharmacy
(e) Communication Industry (f) Computer Studio (g) House (h) Printing Business
(i) Bio-chemical Industry
Feature :
(1) Use the principle of electric potential balance, effectively eliminate ..the static ion disturbance from
(2) No blower , it will not make second air pollution cause air circulate.
(3) The devise can adsorb floating particles in the air, allergens,contagious pathogen to reach purifying
the air.
(4) Light weight, compact design , easy to install , no dead end.
(5) It can be installed above the working table, light-weight steel rack, roof ceiling or against the wall,
Specification :
* Size : 175(H) x 120(L) x 45 (W) mm
* Weight : 0.4 kgs
* Effect range : 24 m2
* Ion density : 2000K / cm3
* Ion balance : ± 10%
* Safety : Met the U.S. UL standard requirement (FAI-7-0)
* Pulse Terms : Adjustable (FREQ. Refers to ion speed changing switch )
* Lighting sensitivity : Adjustable (SENS Refers to lighting control switch)
* Negative ion is micro-adjustable : 0 ~ -7 KV
Input Voltage(VI) Power Consumption(IB) Output Voltage(VO ) Output Current (IO )
120VAC±10% 50/60HZ < 10 mA +/- 7.5kv ±10% 4mA
230VAC±10% 50/60HZ < 4 mA +/- 7.5kv ±10% 4mA
Product Description :
The Ionizer enables the voltage drop to balance with the positive/negative ions released by the synthetic
steel pin at the top of theionizer through Dc Pulse. Different from the conventional method, the ionizer
without the ionized air blower will not cause repeated air pollution as it utilizes the Ionic neutralizing
theory to effectively eliminate the unbalanced voltage; Make the floating dust with electricity in the air
land on the ground; and adsorb the contagious germs & allergen to the unit to offer a perfect clean
space, which isconsidered as a revolutionary breakthrough in ionizers.
They are also certified with such standard requirements in safety as UL/CSA, & CE.
Function Description :
(A) MI-9000 has the " Light-sensitive device" to control the power through its sensor to the light. It
doesn't require any manual operation to control the power on/off. Which is very convenient and
energy-saving as it only consumes 0.5W, So it is recommended to set the sensor in the medium
position to keep it in function all the time.
(B) Use the [ Electric potential different ] theory is utilized to set the balance between positive/negative
ion in MI-9000. According to the voltage difference outside, can adjust itself in the ratio of the ions
to release for a balance in the surrounding voltage.
<fig-1> : The relationship between the distributed voltage of negative & positive ions and the distance.
<fig-2> : The effective zone radius and distance.
<fig-3> : The effective balance time and distance.
(C) MI-9000 is designed with setting device to control the frequency of the release of positive & negative ions
      according to the required distance. When the distance is short, the frequency should be set at high,
      otherwise converse.
* * * FREQ. The exchange rate of positive & negative ions and distance contrast chart * * *